Asda Rewards Loyalty scheme: everything you need to know

Asda Rewards scheme

Asda Rewards is Asda’s loyalty scheme. Whether you shop in store or online, it’s worth signing up to earn cashback and bonuses on your shopping.

With food prices still rising, supermarket loyalty schemes can be a valuable tool when it comes to saving money on your supermarket shopping.

We already have articles looking at how some other supermarket loyalty cards such as Tesco Clubcard and Nectar, and here we take a look at the Asda Rewards scheme.

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What is the Asda Rewards scheme?

Asda Rewards is a free customer loyalty scheme. Anyone can join by signing up and downloading the app through the Asda website.

Unlike some loyalty schemes, there’s no plastic card with this one. It’s a digital version contained within the app, that you need to scan at the till. 

Asda’s loyalty scheme is about earning ‘pounds not points’ with the chance to earn cashback on certain purchases.  

Items that pay cashback are called ‘Star products’ and money earned is paid direct to your Asda cashpot. 

Money in your cashpot can then be converted to vouchers to pay for shopping in Asda stores or online. 

How does Asda Rewards work?

You earn money when buying certain Star products. There are around 400 of these products, both instore and online and clearly flagged up.

Star products apply to both branded and own brand items across ranges such as groceries, household and toiletries.

If you buy one of these Star products, you can earn 10% cashback. This money goes directly to your cashpot.

As an example, buying a tub of Lurpack butter (400g) would earn you 27p. Kellogg’s crunchy nut cereal (500g) would earn you 32p and a pack of Asda baking potatoes means 17p in your cashpot.

Super Star products and missions

You can also earn more by buying ‘Super Star’ products. With these products you earn in excess of 10%.

Once again Super Star products include both brands and Asda own products across a range of items from cereals to soft drinks, meat and vegetables to household products including washing pods.

Buying Asda’s Extra Special Coffee and Walnut cake for £3 means £1 in your cashpot. And a 10 pack of J20 Apple and Raspberry soft drinks which cost £6, earn you £1.50 in your cashpot.

You can also earn more with ‘missions’. This may mean buying a certain number of frozen items to earn cashback or spending a certain amount on bakery products. Details of any missions will be within your app and may change regularly.

Other ways to boost your cashpot

You can also earn cashback on spending if you pay using an Asda credit card. 

Doing this means you can earn 1% on Asda purchases, bought either in store or online and 0.3% elsewhere. Some purchases are excluded from the cashback option, such as Asda Travel Money.

If you apply for an Asda credit card before 4 January 2024 you can get a cashpot bonus of £20. It applies when you spend at least £50 and set up a direct debit within the first 60 days.

However it goes without saying that you should never be enticed into spending more or buying higher priced products to get a few pence in cashback.

How can I access my Asda Rewards cashpot?

It’s all very well earning money. But the important thing is how easy it is to unlock.

Any cashback and money earned on shopping and missions is paid directly to your Asda rewards cashpot.

You can check the value of your cashpot by going into your app and selecting the ‘wallet’ section to see how much you have.

Once you have £1 or more, you can exchange cashpot earnings, via the app, for vouchers to spend in store and online.

How can I spend the money in my Asda Rewards cashpot?

The contents of your cashpot can easily be converted to Asda shopping vouchers and you can do this once you’ve got a minimum of £1.

Depending on the value of your cashpot, you can convert earnings to Asda vouchers in £1 increments up to £10. Over £10, you can convert cashpot into vouchers in £5 increments up to the value of £100.

There are slightly different ways to use your vouchers depending on whether you spend them in store or online.

If you shop online, you should go to the wallet section of the Rewards app and select the ‘create voucher’ option. You can choose how much to spend and once confirmed, you’ll get a digital voucher which you can use at your next shop.

For in store shoppers, you go through the same process but at the till, you should scan your rewards app first. Then click the wallet tab and the ‘scan voucher’ option to bring up the barcode. 

Scan the barcode to use your voucher. You can use multiple vouchers on each shop, providing the value of your bill exceeds the value of the vouchers.

Watch for time limits on your cashpot balance

Money in your cashpot does have a limited lifespan, as you have six months to use it.

Once you have converted cashpot earnings to vouchers, you need to spend these within 90 days. Expiry dates should be on the vouchers as a reminder.

You are unable to convert unused vouchers back to your cashpot balance.   

Seasonal benefits

When it comes to Christmas, it is possible to boost your Christmas savings by transferring money from your Rewards Cashpot to your Christmas Saver Cashpot.  

Each time you do this, you can earn a small cash bonus.

For example you can earn £1 when transferring sums of £10 – £19 across, £2 on sums of £20 – £24, £3 on sums of £25 – £39 and £5 when transferring amounts of £40 or more.   

You can transfer money from your cashpot to your Christmas saver cashpot multiple times, up to a maximum amount of £300 in total.  

However the chance to do this for 2023 ended on 19 November and cash bonuses have already been paid.

If you do still have money in your Christmas Saver Cashpot, this can be converted to vouchers to spend in store or online until 31 December.

Pros and cons of the Asda Reward scheme

You can see exactly how much you’re earning in pounds and pence every time you shop with the Asda Rewards scheme. 

It’s easy to convert your cashpot earnings to vouchers to save on Asda shopping as this can be done from just £1 upwards. However, if you’re only an occasional Asda shopper, it’s worth making sure you don’t miss out as the contents of your cashpot will expire after six months.

On the downside, vouchers can only be used at Asda to save on  shopping. Whereas with the Tesco Clubcard scheme, you can double the value of your points, exchanging them for treats like trips to Pizza Express or Legoland.

There are also certain items that you cannot use your Asda vouchers for. These include paying for petrol, gift cards, tobacco products, lottery tickets and NHS prescriptions.