Morrisons More loyalty scheme: everything you need to know

Morrisons More loyalty card

Food prices are still rising, leaving many of us looking for ways to save on our supermarket shopping.

This can include looking for discounts and coupons, doing your grocery shopping online to save on impulse buys in the aisles and joining supermarket loyalty schemes.

We’ve already got articles on our website looking at how loyalty schemes such as Tesco Clubcard, Nectar and Asda Rewards work.

Here we take a look at the Morrisons More loyalty scheme.

What is the Morrisons More scheme?

Morrisons More is Morrisons customer loyalty scheme where shoppers can earn points when buying certain items in store and online and then swiping their loyalty card at the checkout. This can be either in store or online.

Points can be accumulated when buying a range of items including basic staple foods, as well as some seasonal items. 

You can also earn points when buying fuel at Morrisons. And there may be points offers when eating in a Morrisons café.

Once you’ve joined the scheme, you can scan your card or app at the checkout to earn points on spending. Online shoppers can link their Morrisons More account to their online shopping account to benefit from points and offers.

There are also other ways to save with the scheme, including basket exclusives and the chance to win a basket bonus.

Once you have accumulated a total of 5000 points, you can convert these points to £5 vouchers, known as ‘Fivers’. These can be used to pay for shopping both in store and online.

How do I join Morrisons More?

There are two ways to join. You can download the Morrisons More app from the App store or Google Play. Or you can register via the Morrisons website.

When logging in for the first time you will need to go through a two step verification process. This means having a six digit code sent via email which you then enter on the app or website for enhanced security.

You won’t need to go through this process every time you log in. Only when changing preferences, personal details or converting points to Fivers.

How does Morrisons More work?

There are several ways to save money with the scheme.

You can earn points from around 100 – 1000 points each time on certain purchases. These tend to be on Morrisons own products and services, such as buying items from its pie or cake counter, rather than earning points on branded purchases.

If you regularly fill up with fuel at Morrisons you’ll get five points for every litre of fuel. This can mean 275 points for a full tank, based on the average 55 litre car.

Here are some examples of the number of points you can earn when buying certain products. Although there are many more and these may change regularly.

  • 150 points when buying family fruit pies from the Morrisons pie shop counter or when buying any product from Morrisons ‘the best free from’ range.
  • 200 points when buying a four pack of Chocolate Orange Brownies from the Morrisons cake shop.
  • 300 points for every £5 spent on cheese. Olives and antipasti from the Morrisons deli counter or deli express.
  • 800 points for every £8 spent in a Morrisons café.
  • 1,000 points when buying any three Tassimo packs, as well as spending £10 on flowers or indoor plants.

In addition to earning Morrisons More points on shopping, other benefits of the loyalty scheme include personalised offers, basket exclusives and the chance to win a basket bonus.   

Morrisons More basket exclusive deals

This is another way to save money as a Morrisons More member.

Basket exclusives are discounted prices on both branded and own brand products. This is similar to the discounted prices both Tesco’s Clubcard Prices and Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices offer.

Some of the current basket exclusive offers you can get when producing your Morrisons More card or scanning the app at the checkout include:

  • 20% off at Morrisons fish counter on Fridays
  • A saving of £1 when buying two selected Morrisons ready meals for £5. Usual price £6 for two.
  • Saving £2.19 on Birds Eye Chicken Dippers (697g) with a Morrisons More exclusive price of £3.50. Usual price £5.69.
  • 20% off Nutmeg women’s clothing which is exclusive to Morrisons.

And another feature of the Morrisons More loyalty scheme is the chance to bag a ‘Basket Bonus’. This may be a free item or money off your next shop.

How can I check how many points I have?  

You can check your points via the app, under the ‘Fivers’ section or by logging into Morrisons More account on the website.

Till receipts will also show your points balance from the previous day, along with any points you have just earned.

It may take up to 72 hours for points from online shopping and fuel purchases to appear in your account. 

How to convert points to vouchers

Once you have 5,000 points, these can be converted to a £5 voucher.

If you use a Morrisons More card, you will automatically get a £5 voucher at the till once you reach 5000 points. This is then valid for twelve months.

If you have the Morrisons More app, you can choose to save your points instead of converting them once you reach 5,000 points. 

Once you convert points using the app, you can load the £5 vouchers to your digital card and swipe at the checkout to reduce your bill.

You can also choose to convert every 5,000 points to an e-code worth £5. This can be used at the online checkout.

Pros and cons of the Morrisons More scheme

If you’re a regular Morrisons shopper, it’s worth joining the scheme as it’s free and it can save you money.

Morrisons More is a simple and straightforward loyalty scheme with the chance to get £5 for every 5,000 points.

However, you won’t earn points on every purchase. This is because points are usually found on a selection of Morrisons own products and services.   

While there are extras like the chance to win a ‘basket bonus, points can only be spent on Morrisons shopping. This is different from schemes like Tesco Clubcard, where you can double the value of your points when swapping for treats like days out, restaurant vouchers or cinema tickets.

Morrisons More points do have a limited shelf life. This can mean it’s not worth them stockpiling them for too long. Points expire 12 months after the month they were earned, unless converted to Fivers vouchers, which are worth £5 each.

The way you convert your vouchers can also affect their expiry date.

Physical Fivers vouchers are valid for 12 months with the date of expiry printed on the right hand side of the voucher. 

Fivers vouchers to use online as well as e-codes are valid from three months from the date of conversion. Once points are turned into vouchers, they can no longer be converted back to points.

And if you don’t swipe your card in store or use it online for over a year, you will lose all the points on your account.