Supermarket discount vouchers and coupons: easy ways to save

Supermarket discount vouchers

Save money on your groceries by downloading supermarket discount vouchers and coupons, and by using cashback, loyalty schemes and online voucher codes.

Clipping out coupons can help you save money on grocery shopping. But as ‘couponing’ has gone digital, you’ll need more than a pair of scissors to snap up the best deals.

You can now save money on your supermarket shopping by downloading supermarket discount vouchers and coupons, using cashback apps, joining loyalty schemes and tracking down online voucher codes.

We look at the different ways you can find coupon codes and discounts to help cut the cost of your supermarket shop along with some of the best discounts that are available right now. If you’re shopping online, see how to save on supermarket deliveries.

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Save with cashback apps

You can claim cashback on purchases when you download free shopping cashback apps, such as Shopmium, Shopitize, CheckoutSmart and Green Jinn

Using these apps, you can find offers on individual products including coffee, cereal, teabags, pizza and biscuits along with cleaning products.

In most cases, cashback offers tend to be on the big brands, rather than the supermarket own versions.  Brands include Birds Eye, Loyd Grossman, Kellogg’s, Flora, Persil, Whiskas and PG Tips.

The amount of cashback you can earn will vary according to both the app and product you buy. As a rough guide you can save from around 30p when buying a Loyd Grossman pasta sauce up to around £2 when buying a Febreze air freshener. 

Kellogg Products Ahead Of Earnings Figures

How to use cashback apps to save money

You will need to do a few minutes’ work to make savings with cashback apps, compared with handing over a coupon at the till to get an instant discount. Here are some steps that you can follow:

Download the app: In most cases, you’ll need to download the app and create a free account by adding your name and email address. Once you’re registered, you can browse the app to check for offers, where you’ll find details of participating stores plus any expiry date and terms and conditions. 

Buy the right product: Make sure that you get the correct product (for eg, 50p off Hovis Seed Sensations Seven Seeds 800g, NOT Hovis Soft Medium Sliced White Bread 800g). With Shopmium, you can scan a product’s barcode on the app to check for any offers or verify if it’s the right product. 

Keep your receipt: To receive any cashback, you’ve got to keep the receipt as it’s proof of purchase. Always make sure to get a printed receipt in-store or online with your delivery or collection order. 

Receive your cashback: The way to do this may vary slightly depending on which app you use. With Shopmium, you tap the ‘piggy bank’ icon before uploading your receipt and scanning the barcodes of purchased products. Then, you’ll be paid into your PayPal or bank account. Cashback may sometimes accumulate in the app before you can have it transferred to your bank account.

Use cashback sites for discounts on all of your supermarket shopping

As well as coupons or cashback on individual products, you can also earn cashback on your entire trolley load with cashback sites such as TopCashback.  

Deals change regularly. But recent ones we spotted were offering cashback at supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Iceland. Some offers are available for both new and existing customers.

First time online supermarket order discounts


Some supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Iceland offer supermarket discount vouchers to first time customers who order online. 

  • Sainsbury’s has an offer for £12 off for new online customers who spend over £60 on their first online shop for all orders delivered on or before 31 January.
  • With Iceland, if you go via cashback site TopCashback you can get up to 6% cashback if you shop online, plus free next day delivery on orders above £40.
  • Ocado also offers a discount of 25% on your first order (when spending £60 or more), as well as free delivery for the first three months. 

You can find out more including the all-important codes to enter at the online checkout in our how to save on your online food shopping guide.

Supermarket magazine coupons

You can often find instant money off coupons in free supermarket magazines. This means clipping them out to show at the relevant store checkout or looking for a code to use with online orders.

Some of these discounts may be short-lived, so do check any expiry date along with terms and conditions before you try to use them.

Sign up to product websites or newsletters for discounts

You can also save money by going on the website for your favourite brands and products and signing up for free newsletters. Doing this may mean you get coupons and discounts by email, although you will need to tick the box to agree to marketing emails.

For example, we signed up at Farmfoods and were instantly sent money off coupons. This included a voucher for £5 off when spending £60 and £9 off when spending £100. Can be used at the in store till, either by showing the code on your phone or printing the voucher, valid until 23 January 2024.

Take advantage of supermarket loyalty schemes

Signing up for supermarket loyalty schemes is free and can mean coupons, free food and special offers. 

With some loyalty schemes you get a plastic card, while with others, such as Lidl, it’s an app-based scheme.

Supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons also offer discounted prices on certain products to their loyalty card holders. To get the cheaper price, you usually have to scan your card or app at the checkout. 

Nowadays, going into a supermarket without a loyalty card for that store will likely mean you overpay, so make sure you carry it with you.

Coupon need-to-knows

Using coupons, codes and cashback can be a great way to save on your supermarket bill but it pays to check the rules first.

  1. Check which supermarkets you can use any coupons or cashbacks at. Some offers may be exclusive to specific supermarkets.
  2. Some supermarket discount vouchers may be short-lived so always check for any expiry date along with any terms and conditions.
  3. With some coupons, the discount offered may only be available for a limited number of users, working on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so get in quickly.
  4. We found that most coupons and cashback offers tend to be on branded products, rather than the cheaper supermarket own versions. It’s worth checking cheaper ranges, as buying brands, even at a discount, can still bump up your supermarket bill.
  5. Buying a product just because you have a discount coupon can be a false economy. You should only buy something if you genuinely want the product, or find it works out cheaper with the coupon or discount than the brand you were intending to buy.
  6. There are plenty of other ways to save on your supermarket bill. This includes shopping later in the day, swapping fresh for frozen food and buying wonky veg. You can find out more in our article on ways to save on your grocery shopping.

20+ coupons and offers you can use right now

We’ve rounded up a range of supermarket discount vouchers, coupons and cashback offers to save on your next grocery shop.


Inside A Tesco Plc Supermarket As Retailer Announces Price Cuts And Store Closures

FREE £1.40 Soreen Banana Snack Pack (45g)

Get 100% cashback on Soreen Banana Snack Pack 2 Sliced via the Shopmium app. It’s available only in Co-Op (both in-store and online) and costs £1.40. Valid until midnight on 1 February. 

You then have until 4 February to claim the cashback..

£4 off £12 spend on selected plant-based products

For online Tesco shoppers, you can use the code GR4LFP and get £4 off your shopping on selected plant-based products. This includes brands such as Pukka, Quorn, Alpro and more. The coupon will be applied after Clubcard prices. 

You can get it delivered or collect it on or before 21 January. Minimum spend is £12. 

£1.75 off Quaker Oat So Simple Original Porridge 20s (540g)

This deal is available online and can be found in the Waitrose Magazine. For £3.50 instead of £5.25, you can get Quaker Oat So Simple Original Porridge. The deal lasts till 30 January. 

£1 off Cathedral City Plant Based Mature Flavour cheese (280g)

This offer can be found exclusively through the Shopmium app. If you shop for Cathedral City Plant Based Mature cheese at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Ocado, you can claim this deal. The cheese usually costs £3.60, and you’ll get £1 cashback. Valid until 20 February but you can claim the cashback for a further three days as long as you bought the item within the valid offer dates. 

£1 off Chicago Town Deep Dish Katsu Chicken (2 x 159g)

This is exclusive to Asda and Tesco both in-store and online using the Shopmium app. With this deal you can save £1 on Chicago Town Deep Dish Katsu Chicken (usually £3.05). Offer is valid until 11.59pm on 29 January.

You have an additional three days to redeem the cashback, providing item was bought within valid offer dates. Just upload your receipt to the Shopmium app and scan in the barcode by 1 February. 

£1 off Kellogg’s Cereals Special K Original (440g)

This offer is available at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, both in-store and online using the Shopmium app.

You can get the cashback on either of the Kellogg’s products: 

  • Special K Original 440g 
  • Special K Red Berries 500g 
  • Special K Crunchy Oat Granola Dark Chocolate Curls 350g
  • Special K Crunchy Oat Granola Mixed Berries 350g 

The offer is valid until 11.59pm on 1 February. You have three more days after this to request your cashback. 

£1 off Vitalite dairy-free spread (500g)

If you’re shopping at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Ocado, you can grab a 500g Vitalite dairy-free spread at half-price for just £1 instead of £2 after cashback.

This offer is exclusive to the Shopmium app and is valid till 20 February. But you can claim cashback for a further three days as long as you bought the product before the offer expired. 

£1 off Old El Paso Smoky BBQ Fajita Kit (500g)

The Waitrose Magazine is offering Old El Paso Smoky BBQ Fajita Kit for £3 instead of £4. You can get this deal online at and is subject to availability. Valid until 30 January. 

£1 off LEE KUM KEE Oriental Sesame Soy Sauce (120ml)

Try authentic cooking sauces by LEE KUM KEE for about 50p through the Shopmium app. It costs £1.50 otherwise, and is available on Sainsbury’s or Ocado, both in-store and online. 

You can claim the £1 cashback up to three days after this offer has closed on 23 January. This is only if you brought the product within that valid period. 

85p off Muller Plant Based desserts (170g)

Get Muller’s plant-based puddings at Sainsbury’s and Asda for just 50p instead of £1.35 after cashback. This offer is exclusive to the Shopmium app and you can get it until 4 February.

The offer is valid on the following products:

  • Muller Plant Based Vanilla
  • Muller Plant Based Chocolate
  • Muller Plant Based Vanilla Choc Balls
  • Muller Plant Based Strawberry & Pomegranate

You can claim cashback for an additional three days if you bought the product within the valid offer date. 

50p off Hovis bread (800g)

Pick up a Hovis Seed Sensations or Wholemeal (800g) loaf and get 50p cashback through the Shopmium app. This includes Seven Seeds, Malted Wholegrain, Sunflower & Pumpkin, and Wholemeal. 

The deals are available in Tesco and some in Morrisons but make sure to check beforehand. Valid until 4 February. 

Household and nappies

Baby and Toddler pampers seen displayed in a supermarket

£3 off Dettol Lemon and Lime Floor Wipes 25s

This is a deal at Waitrose for myWaitrose customers. This one knocks down the price of Dettol Lemon and Lime Floor Wipes from £6 to £3, making it half price. Valid until 30 January. 

50% off Antibacterial hand wipes

Exclusively through the Shopmium app, you can get 50% off on antibacterial hand wipes. These are available in major supermarkets across the country, like Boots and Sainsbury’s but you’ll have to check online first. 

The offer is valid until 3 February and you have three days after offer ends to request cashback providing item was purchased within the valid offer dates.

Discounts on nappies

Join the free Pampers Baby Club and you’ll get coupons to save when buying nappies along with other offers. You’ll also have the chance to win a year’s supply of Pampers nappies.


London 2012 - Shopping - Twinings On The Strand

Free Turmeric Co. shot (60ml)

This offer is exclusively available at Sainsbury’s (online-only) until 18 January.

You can add any of the Turmeric Co. 60mL shots to your online basket and book a slot by 18 January. Enter the code BESTSHOT at the checkout and you will automatically get the price taken off. 

50p for Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Get Jimmy’s Iced Coffee for just 50p exclusively through the Shopmium app. The cashback deal is available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda & Co-op (both in-store & online). Offer valid till 12 January. 

For a further three days, you can request cashback if you bought within the valid offer dates. The products eligible for this deal are:

  • Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Original 275ml 
  • Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Mocha 275ml  
  • Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Oat 275ml 
  • Jimmy’s Mocha Iced Coffee 250ml 
  • Jimmy’s Caramel Iced Coffee 250ml  
  • Jimmy’s Original Iced Coffee 250ml 
  • Jimmy’s Caramel Iced Coffee 275ml  

£1 for Plenish Barista Organic M*ilk (1L)

This offer is available exclusively on Shopmium app. Try organic barista oat or almond milk for less than half the price at just £1 after cashback.

You can buy it from Sainsbury’s either in-store or online. The offer is only valid till 14 February but you can claim the cashback up until 17 February. 

50p for Diet Pepsi (500ml)

This offer is available exclusively through the Shopmium app at Co-op and Boots only. It can be purchased both online and in-store, and is valid till 11.59pm on 29 January. You have three additional days to request the cashback as long as you’ve bought the product within that valid time period. 

25% off wine and fizz at Waitrose

You can save up to 25% on wine and fizz through the Waitrose Cellar.

Alternatively, buy a Grant Burge Shiraz (75cl) and you can get it for £7.49 instead of £9.99. This deal is exclusively for Waitrose customers and can be found in the Waitrose magazine.

All deals expire on 30 January. 

25% off wine at Morrisons

With the Morrisons deal, the 25% discount is automatically applied at the checkout if you buy six bottles of wine.  You can also find other offers such as two bottles for £11.

Pet food

FREE pouch of Whiskas cat food

This one’s totally free, no purchase needed, just go on the Whiskas website to claim your free sample. 

Choose between a pouch (85g) of Tasty Mix with lamb, chicken and carrots in gravy or chicken in jelly. Then just add your mailing details and a pouch of cat food will be sent out. One sample per household. 

No expiry date given.

£1 for PERFECT FIT™ Junior <1 Dry Cat Food Chicken (750g)

This offer is available at Sainsbury’s and Asda through the Shopmium app only. You can get PERFECT FIT™ Junior <1 Dry Cat Food Chicken for just £1 instead of £5.20, saving you £4.20 after cashback.

This offer is valid until 20 January and you have three further days to claim the cashback. 

Be it Meat Chunks in Gravy or a Sunday Dinner, you can get £2 cashback on Winalot dog food pouches exclusively through the Shopmium app.

The product is available to buy in major supermarkets and online including at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s Morrisons and Ocado. 

The deal expires on 26 January and you can claim the cashback till 29 January.