Toto Energy: who are they?

Who are Toto Energy?

Toto Energy is an energy supplier that was founded in 2016. Their mission is to ‘power the people’. Toto is based in Brighton and works with local cooperatives to bring their customers cheaper energy.

Do Toto Energy have smart meters?

Toto provide SMETS2 smart meters. These are the second generation type that will be compatible with other suppliers if the other supplier supports smart meters.

Toto Energy website

Is Toto Energy renewable?

Toto have some Green tariffs that are 100% renewable energy. To find out how their energy is sourced overall look at their fuel mix.

Does Toto Energy offer the Warm Home Discount?

Toto aren’t currently able to provide the Warm Home Discount.

What is everyone else saying?

If you’re considering switching energy supplier then having a look at customer reviews is a great way of finding out what their customer service is like. We mainly go to Trustpilot for this. Read Toto’s Trustpilot reviews here.

We also see how suppliers are rated on Citizens Advice because this independent organisation reports on aspects such as how easy it is to read your energy bills and whether it’s easy to switch with them.

Switching to Toto Energy

After you’re happy with the reviews, you’ll want to make sure that they offer a cheap energy deal. To compare energy deals you will need to look at the energy rates and standing charges of each energy deal. This can be very time consuming.

Here’s how we can help. Firstly we compare the market and find you a cheap energy deal. Then we manage the switch process. Our free service takes the hassle out of energy switching. We don’t just switch you to anyone though, we have customer service requirements that suppliers have to meet.

Our team review suppliers on Trustpilot and Citizens Advice, as well as meeting them in person to ensure we’re aligned on customer experience. We then switch you to the cheapest supplier on our panel. It’s as easy as that! Our members save on average a whopping £253. 

Oh and the best part? We do this every year so you never have to worry about it again!

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