Third party cookies

These are cookies set by other services we use as part of our online experience.

The following third-party cookies may be present on For more information on the third party and for details about their privacy policy please click the links below:

Third Party Cookie type Purpose Further information available at
Adform To show you relevant products and services based on what you appear to be interested in
Bing To enable us to target searchers looking for our goods and services
Comscore Understand how you engage with our website and our competitors
Facebook Identify pages visited and to serve personalised adverts whilst you're browsing Facebook
Google Ads To help us understand the advertising you interacted with for example how many people who click ads end up purchasing products
Google Analytics Understand how you engage with our website and the sites you came from
Google Optimize Enables us to test combinations of web content
Google Signals Enables cross-device reporting and remarketing
Ipsos Understand how you engage with our website and our competitors
Optimise (OMG) Help us ensure our online marketing and advertising is effective
Quantum Metric Help us to understand and improve how you use our site
Permutive Enables us to collect, organise and analyse online audience data for tailored advertising
SA360 Doubleclick Allows us to serve our adverts online. We use it to understand behaviour and how our visitors arrive at our site and interact with us
Smarterclick Enables us to tailor how we engage with you
Taboola Allows us to serve relevant articles and content to those we think will find it interesting/useful
Usabilla To enable our consumers to give us feedback

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