Best Apple TV Plus deals – up to 24 months free

Learn how to make big savings and stream for less with the best Apple TV Plus offers in the UK. 

Streaming services are taking the entire world by storm, be it Netflix, Disney Plus or even Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus has a lineup of popular shows and movies for you to binge-watch at home. This includes Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and CODA. 

The best Apple TV Plus offers can include 24 months of free streaming. 

We’ve rounded up the best deals, from free trials to bank offers. This way, you can watch your favourite shows and movies for free with Apple TV Plus. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for cheap deals for broadband and TV, we’ve got you covered. 

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Apple TV Plus streaming service

An Apple TV Plus monthly subscription costs £8.99 a month. Unlike other streaming services, Apple doesn’t offer a discounted annual subscription. So paying monthly will cost you £107.88 over the year. 

But you could be eligible for a discounted rate or up to a year’s free subscription. We’ve rounded up all the best Apple TV Plus offers available.

Keep in mind that many of these deals are available to new subscribers. If you’re already a subscriber, you could cancel your subscription. Once it’s over, you can take advantage of one of these offers. 

Today's best Apple TV+ deals

Buy an Apple device – get three months free

You can get Apple TV Plus free for three months if you buy any Apple product, which includes:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple TV
  • Mac

Within 90 days of buying your Apple TV, you need to claim this Apple TV Plus offer. Don’t forget to cancel after three months, as your subscription auto-renews at £8.99 per month.

If you want to cancel, go to the settings on whatever Apple device you are using. Click your name, go to “Manage Subscriptions” and click Apple TV Plus, where you can cancel. If you prefer, you can sign in on and cancel via the website. 

This offer is only one per family, regardless of how many Apple devices you buy. The good news is a standard Apple TV subscription allows you to share with up to five family members.

Share your Apple subscription with up to five family members

For only £8.99 a month, you can enjoy a monthly subscription to Apple TV Plus with up to five family members. You can also split the subscription fee with your family members or housemates to cut costs. 

Free one-month trial with Apple One

Apple One is a combined Apple subscription where you can bundle up to six Apple subscriptions for a monthly price of £16.95 per person. 

This includes up to 2TB of iCloud Plus storage. You can also opt for the Family plan or Premier plan. 

With a free one-month trial of Apple One, you can get Apple TV Plus and five more subscriptions including: 

  • Apple TV Plus
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple News Plus
  • Apple Fitness Plus (Only for Premier plan)
  • iCloud Plus (Only for Premier plan)

With the free one-month trial, you can also test whether or not this is the right plan for you. However, you only get a free trial for those services that you haven’t tried before. 

After the free trial, you will have to pay £16.95 per month or £22.95 per month for family sharing. 

If you’re a premium member, you pay £32.95 per month. This includes subscriptions to Apple Fitness Plus and Apple News Plus.  

Sky TV VIP customers get six months free

Sky customers who aren’t already subscribed to Apple TV Plus can get six months of completely free access to Apple TV Plus

You can get your free trial by visiting the Giveaways category in the SKY VIP section of the My Sky App. 

After six months of free access, you will be charged £8.99 a month unless you cancel (you’ll be notified before your first payment). 

EE customers get six months free

EE is offering new and existing customers half a year free for an Apple TV Plus subscription. This will reduce your bill by just over £40 for the year. 

The plan is also available to EE pay monthly or SIM only customers on 12-month or longer plans. 

You can claim the offer in two ways:

  • Text TV PLUS to 150. You should receive an activation code which you can use when purchasing through Apple. 
  • Or, you can log into My EE online or on the My EE app. Select Plan & Add-ons, then click Add-ons and choose Apple TV. EE will then send you instructions to follow.

This plan is worth getting if you’re an EE customer. If you are an existing Apple TV Plus customer, you will need to cancel your subscription directly with Apple first. After that, you can claim the six-month offer. 

Make sure your device is compatible with Apple TV Plus before claiming the offer. All Apple devices must be using iOS 14.7 or a later version. 

If you’re on an Android, check that you have a supported web browser for streaming Apple TV Plus. 

Once the offer ends, unless you cancel, you will be charged £8.99 per month. This will be charged under EE Entertainment.

Sign up to Currys emails and get three months free

Just sign up for Currys’ marketing emails and you get Apple TV Plus free for up to three months – saving you over £20. You don’t have to buy anything from Currys to be eligible for the free subscription. 

You’ll be sent a unique Apple TV Plus code with instructions on how to redeem the offer. 

This offer is available to new and returning Apple TV Plus customers and you can cancel anytime. 

Three and Tesco Mobile customers can get three months or one year free

You could be eligible for a three-month free Apple TV Plus subscription if you buy an Apple device or Apple bundle with Three or Tesco Mobile

With Tesco Mobile, you are eligible if you buy any new iPhone. If you’re on Three, you can also get this with a purchase of an iPad or Home broadband.

Once the deal expires, you will be paying £8.99 per month. So remember to cancel your subscription beforehand.

How to claim the offer:

With Tesco Mobile, all you need to do is make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest version. Open the Apple TV app on your phone and the offer should appear. If it doesn’t, keep scrolling through “Watch Now” until the offer appears. 

To claim the offer with Three, call Three (333 from any Three mobile). You must redeem the offer within 90 days after purchase.

New O2/Virgin Media customers get three months free

Get three months free Apple TV Plus when you go to the O2 Priority app. It’s free if you buy any of the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple TV
  • Mac

If you’re a new customer, you get three months for free. Previous Apple TV Plus subscribers get two months free. 

You can’t get this offer if you’ve used an Apple TV Plus voucher via Priority before.

This offer ends on 1 September 2024. 

iD Mobile customers get three months free

You can get three months of free Apple TV Plus when you purchase any phone and SIM only deal with iD Mobile.

After you make your purchase, you will get a confirmation email through which you will be directed to Apple’s website. Follow the instructions there to redeem your free Apple TV Plus subscription. 

Vodafone Xtra Broadband customers get 24 months free

If you signed up for a Vodafone Xtra Broadband plan after 25 August 2023, you may be eligible for 24 months of free Apple TV Plus. 

This can save you around £216 for two years worth of Apple TV Plus. 

You also get Apple TV 4K included in the package. After your broadband is connected, you will receive an email from Vodafone to redeem your Apple TV Plus subscription. 

You will need to set up an Apple ID to redeem this Apple TV Plus offer.

Apple TV plus student offer

Students who already take advantage of the Apple Music offer from UNIDAYS get Apple TV Plus for free for a limited time. 

You must be studying a bachelor’s, postgraduate or equivalent Higher Education course at a UK university to be eligible.

If you get Apple Music, you will automatically be signed up to Apple TV Plus.

When your student term ends each year, you will have to re-verify your student status. You can do this on the Apple Music app, iTunes or Settings. 

If your student term has ended, your subscription will convert into an Apple Music subscription. You will no longer get free Apple TV Plus after that. 

This student offer ends when you stop subscribing to Apple Music or when your UNIDAYS account is no longer active.

More ways to get Apple TV Plus for free

If you aren’t eligible for any of the Apple TV Plus subscription offers, there are a couple of alternatives you might want to try:

  • One-week free trial: When you sign up for an Apple TV Plus subscription, you get a one-week free trial before paying. 
  • Free premieres: Apple TV Plus lets you watch the first episode of its TV shows for free. It’s a good idea to check this option out if you want to get a taste of what’s available.