Best streaming services: How to get the cheapest TV streaming deals

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Looking for the best TV streaming services online? We’ve compared popular streaming services so that you can enjoy all your TV shows, movies and live sports in one place. 

We all want to stay updated with the latest TV shows and movies. With platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, the choices seem endless. 

However, subscribing to them all can lead to a considerable dent in your wallet. So how do you find affordable popular streaming services with the best content and live sports in one place?

From free trials to discounts and student offers, we’ll help you find the cheapest TV streaming deals. We’ve put together a guide to help you decide the best streaming services for you. 

It’s worth noting that streaming can eat up your mobile data if you don’t use Wi-Fi. So you need a really good broadband speed to stream seamlessly. 

Otherwise, you’ll end up staring at a buffering screen in the middle of an intense football match. Not ideal, right?

If your internet has been acting up and you want to switch your broadband provider, have a look at our best broadband deals

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What is streaming?

TV streaming services have become extremely popular in recent years, having completely changed how we consume film and TV. It is the fastest way of watching content online. 

Think of it as playing a song on Spotify or Apple Music. You hit Play and immediately start listening to the song without waiting for it to download. 

You can use online streaming services on a smartphone, tablet or smart TV. There is also the option to connect a media streaming device to your regular TV.

But keep in mind that whatever you stream doesn’t automatically save to your device unless you save it offline.

Most popular streaming services

Netflix is the most popular streaming service with almost 17 million UK households. In second place is Amazon Prime Video, which has 13 million UK households subscribed to it. 

Disney Plus is also rising above the ranks and currently stands at 7 million UK subscribers in late 2022. 

When deciding which streaming service to get, you should consider the cost, what you can watch and any free trials available.

You can also skip to the individual details of each streaming service below: 

Here’s a detailed guide to the top streaming services available in the UK: 

Best streaming services Cost per month Most popular content Any free trials and for how long
Amazon Prime Video £8.99 per month (with Amazon Prime membership), £5.99 per month (only Prime Video), £4.49 per month (for students) or £95 for a year Movies and TV shows, Amazon Originals, comedies, documentaries, live sports 30-day free trial
Apple TV Plus £8.99 per month TV shows, movies. Apple Originals, documentaries, live sports Three-month free trial if you buy an Apple product
Disney Plus £7.99 per month or £79 for a year Disney Originals, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Star, No free trial
MUBI £10.99 per month or £83.88 a year (MUBI) £15.99 a month or £131.88 a year (MUBI GO) £6.99 a year (for students) Independent films, new cinema, classics 7-day free trial via Amazon Prime Video
Netflix £4.99 per month (with ads), £10.99 per month (Standard), £17.99 per month (Premium) Movies, TV shows, K-Dramas, Reality TV, documentaries, international films, true crime, Netflix originals No free trial
NOW £9.99 per month (Entertainment Pass), £9.99 per month (Cinema Pass), £4.99 per month (Hayu Pass), £34.99 per month (NOW Sky Sports) Sky sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment, Paramount Plus Seven-day free trial
Paramount Plus £6.99 per month or £69.90 a year Films, TV series, originals, exclusives, reality TV, comedies Seven-day free trial
Sky Stream £29 per month Sky Entertainment, Netflix, BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic One-month free trial

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video best streaming services

If you do most of your shopping online, getting Amazon Prime is a no-brainer. This gives you free access to Amazon Prime Video

This streaming service has popular movies, TV shows and live sports. You can rent movies and shows that aren’t in your subscription as well. 

A standard Amazon Prime Video membership costs £8.99 per month or £95 annually. This comes with Prime, which allows you to receive same-day delivery and free premium. 

If you’re a student, you can get a discounted membership of £4.49 or £47.49 for a year.

You can also sign up individually for Amazon Prime Video for £5.99. Keep in mind that this comes without any of the Prime benefits. 

You can stream on the web, the Prime Video app, on your smartphone, tablet, set-top box, game console or smart TV.

With Prime Video, you can watch popular TV shows like The Boys or Good Omens. Movies like The Lord of The Rings and Jack Ryan are also available. 

Sports fans can also enjoy live coverage of select Premier League football matches and ATP and WTA Tour Tennis

There is also animated children’s content like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Pete the Cat. 

If you want to give Prime Video a try, sign up for the 30-day free trial. This is only available for non-Prime members. 

Discover the best Amazon Prime deals in the market right now. 

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus best streaming services

For £8.99 a month, Apple TV Plus subscribers can get exclusive content such as Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and CODA. 

While it has a limited amount of original content, it is slowly diversifying with live sports such as MLB and MLS. 

The membership is also part of Apple One, Apple’s all-in-one subscription package. This costs £16.95 per month, which is expensive. 

However, this is a good deal if you already pay for Apple Music, iCloud storage and Apple Arcade. For £16.95, you can get six Apple subscriptions, add five people to your plan and 50GB of iCloud storage.

If you purchase a brand new Apple product like an iPhone or a Mac, you can get a three-month free trial for Apple TV Plus. 

As a student, you can make use of the Apple Music Student Plan. This gives you a free subscription to Apple TV Plus.

To stream on Apple TV Plus, you can use the Apple TV app on your TV, iOS devices or on the web. 

Find out how to get up to 24 months of free Apple TV Plus with our handy guide. 

Disney Plus

Disney Plus best streaming services

If you love all things Disney, you’re probably already subscribed to its streaming platform Disney Plus

With Disney Plus, you can watch TV shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Star and more. 

It costs £7.99 per month or £79.90 a year for the Disney Plus subscription. 

You can get Disney Plus with these plans:

  • Standard with ads for £4.99 per month 
  • Standard without ads for £7.99 per month or £79.90 a year
  • Premium for £10.99 per month or £109.90 a year. 

With Disney Plus you can watch timeless classics like Toy Story, The Little Mermaid or The Lion King. You can also indulge in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars series or National Geographic documentaries. 

Plus, they have popular exclusive TV originals like Loki, Welcome to Wrexham and Dopesick, which you won’t get anywhere else. 

You can’t watch live sports on Disney Plus. But they have a wide selection of sports-related documentaries and movies for you to choose from. 

Find out how to save on your Disney Plus subscription with the help of our guide.


MUBI best streaming services

If you’re looking for a more unique movie-watching experience, MUBI is a great place to go.

Being a dedicated destination for all things film, you receive a hand-picked selection every day and can rate or download movies. 

MUBI offers short films, international film festival picks, award-winning movies and many subtitled films. Some of its most popular films include Aftersun, Shiva Baby and Charade. 

A MUBI membership costs £10.99 per month or £83.88 a year. You can also get a MUBI membership through Amazon Prime Video for £9.99 a month. This only works if you are already a Prime member. 

For a MUBI GO membership, it will cost you £15.99 a month or £131.88 a year. This comes with the same benefits as MUBI. On top of that, you get a free ticket every week to a movie close to you, chosen by MUBI. 

If you’re a university student, you can get MUBI for £6.99 per month along with an extended 30-day free trial

You can stream MUBI on any smart TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop or on the web. 

If you’re not sure about MUBI, have a taste of the streaming service with a seven-day free trial. Don’t forget to cancel your subscription before it expires, or you’ll be charged for the whole month. 


Netflix best streaming services

Netflix is the most popular streaming service, with 17 million households having a subscription in the UK. It provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, comedies and original content. 

With recent Netflix price hikes, here’s how the plans are looking now:

Type of plan Standard (with ads) Standard Premium Basic (existing customers only)
Monthly price £4.99 £10.99 £17.99 £7.99
Picture resolution Full HD (1080p) Full HD (1080p) Ultra HD (4K + HDR) HD (720p)
Is it ad-free? No Yes Yes Yes
How many simultaneous streams? Two Two Four One
Is content downloadable to watch offline? No Yes - on two devices Yes - on up to six devices Yes - on one device
Can you add users you don't live with? No Yes - one person for an extra £4.99 per month Yes - up to two people for an extra £4.99 per month each No

There are no free trials or student discounts available. 

Some of the most popular TV shows on Netflix are Beef, The Crown, Sex Education, Stranger Things and Love is Blind. 

You can watch movies like Knives Out, Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, Paddington and all of the Harry Potter movies. 

Plus, for avid sports fans, there are sports documentaries like Beckham, Tour de France and Formula 1: Drive to Survive. 

Standard and premium subscribers can download TV shows and movies from Netflix. You can stream Netflix through a smartphone, laptop, smart TV, gaming console, media player, set-top box, web browser or tablet.  

Unfortunately, Netflix has changed its sharing plan. Before, you could stream on Netflix through different households. Now, only those in the same household can use it.

To add extra members on Netflix, account owners will have to buy an extra member slot for those outside their household.

Find out some tips and tricks on how to save money with Netflix.


NOW TV streaming services

NOW is Sky’s on-demand streaming service, where you can watch everything from movies and TV shows to live sports. 

You can opt for an Entertainment or Cinema Pass for £9.99 per month or a Hayu Pass for £4.99 per month. You can also make use of their seven-day free trial for new members

For sports fans, there is a NOW Sky Sports membership for £34.99 per month, where you can access all 11 Sky Sports channels. 

If you want to watch a particular match, you can also get a day membership for £11.98. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. Note that this lets you watch Sky Sports for 24 hours from when you make the purchase. 

You can also get a six-month saver membership of Entertainment, Cinema and Paramount Plus for £6.99. If you’re unsure, make use of their seven-day free trial to decide whether it’s right for you. 

With NOW, you’ll be able to watch Game of Thrones, Succession, Law and Order and many more TV shows. You also get access to films, like Knock at the Cabin, M3GAN, The Hunger Games and Babylon. 

The Sports membership lets you watch all the live events, including cricket, football and golf. 

To stream on NOW, you can use laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and NOW devices. View the full list of compatible devices

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus best streaming services

Paramount Plus recently launched in the UK as a competitor to Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. For £6.99 per month, you can stream movies and TV series from Paramount, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and many more. 

You can also download shows and watch them offline at no extra cost. There is a free seven-day trial but make sure to cancel it or it will auto-renew. 

Paramount Plus is also available as an add-on to Amazon Prime Video for £6.99 a month. You can get Paramount Plus for free with a Sky Cinema subscription. 

With Paramount Plus, you can watch blockbusters and classics, like the Star Trek Universe, Mission Impossible 7, Godfather and Titanic. 

It also has a broad selection of TV shows for children, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and a live-action reboot for Dora. 

You can watch Paramount Plus on your mobile, Apple TV, Android or iOS devices, Chromecast, smart TV, desktop and Sky Q or Sky Glass. 

Sky Stream

Sky Sports best streaming services

With Sky Stream, you can get all your streaming apps in one place, be it Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer or Spotify. 

For £29, you get a combined subscription to Sky Entertainment and Netflix. You can also add Sports, Cinema, and Kids for an additional cost. 

You can access a content library of 140+ TV channels and 30,000+ on-demand content. It comes with channels like BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic and Food Network.

Plus, there is a one-month free trial and no upfront cost. You receive a basic Netflix subscription, which you can upgrade to Standard or Premium. 

If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can add that profile to your Sky account. Keep in mind that you can only use the Netflix plan linked to your Sky account

With Sky Stream, you can either choose a rolling monthly contract, an 18-month package or combine it with Sky Broadband. 

You can stream with your Sky Stream package on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or Apple TV device. 

Keep in mind that you can only stream with Sky from your registered home address on your account. Otherwise, you might get charged an additional location charge.

Find out everything you need to know about Sky Stream in our guide. 

Free TV streaming services

Tired of using up all the free trials? Whether you want free news, videos or streaming, you don’t have to always pay for them. There are several free TV streaming services available for you to pick from. 

Keep in mind that if you’re streaming live TV, you will need a TV licence. Find out if you need a TV licence for popular streaming services

Another drawback is that many free TV streaming services don’t include many viewing options in comparison to paid subscriptions. You will have to pay for ads.

We’ve rounded up the free TV streaming services available to you below.

BBC iPlayer

BBC best streaming services

BBC iPlayer is a free video-on-demand service from the BBC with no commercial ads. You can watch it on mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, Amazon, Apple and Google Play

All you need is a TV licence, and you can enjoy watching David Attenborough, EastEnders, BBC Radio and Strictly Come Dancing. You can also watch Match of the Day or any live streaming. 

To stream on BBC iPlayer, you can use both mobile data and Wi-Fi. If you want to watch something later, you can download them to your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet

To do this, you need to install the BBC iPlayer Downloads application. Any programme you watch will be available to download till its expiry date on BBC iPlayer. 

After that, your downloaded files will get deleted, so keep an eye out for the numbers. 


ITVX best streaming services

ITVX is a free video-on-demand streaming service with ads by ITV. You can either stream live TV or browse through a selection of movies and TV shows. 

Most of the features are free if you pay a TV licence fee. If you want to stream ad-free with ITXV Premium, it costs £5.99 per month and includes Britbox and Studiocanal Presents

This costs the same as a regular Britbox subscription. There is also a free seven-day trial if you want to test ITVX Premium before making a decision. 

You can watch a lot of exclusive ITVX content such as international films, popular TV shows and movies. 

Popular shows include Good Will Hunting, The Vampire Diaries and Love Island. You can also watch the Rugby World Cup 2023. 

For ITVX, you don’t need a cable connection. Just having a broadband connection will be fine. You can stream on ITVX using your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV. 

Channel 4

Channel 4 best streaming services

Channel 4 is a free broadcast television channel that comes with advertisements. You can watch everything available on Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4Music and 4Seven for free. 

This includes TV shows, movies, programmes and live streaming, such as The Great British Bake Off, Peep Show and Derry Girls. 

Channel 4 Plus is its ad-free streaming which costs £3.99 per month or £39.99 for a year. You can test the service using their free seven-day trial.

If you want to download a programme, you need to have an internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi. 

After that, you can watch them offline anywhere. But keep in mind that not all shows are available to download. 

You can stream Channel 4 on your smart TV, game consoles, web browser, phone and tablet. 



My5 is a free video-on-demand service by Channel 5. You can watch all shows for free, including those from the archive. 

You can watch content from Channel 5, 5Star, 5Select, 5USA and 5Action with no additional subscription fee. 

There is a wide variety of content available such as TV shows, movies, documentaries, entertainment and kids content. 

Sports fans can watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, WWE, NFL and much more. For entertainment lovers, there are films and TV shows like Sherlock Holmes, The Inheritance and Criminal Minds. 

You can stream My5 on NOW TV, Amazon, iOS, phones, tablets, smart TVs and online. 

How to get the best deals on the most popular streaming services

Check deals with your mobile provider

If you have a phone contract, check what deals and discounts your mobile phone provider is offering. Most of them have reward apps. These are the hot offers right now:

See if you can haggle in a subscription for free within your deal to make your money go further. 

Check deals with your broadband provider

Whatever broadband provider you are with, check if it offers perks too. It’s fairly common for TV packages to offer TV streaming subscriptions in the price or as a perk to reel customers in. 

If you go through our best broadband deals this month, you can get exclusive offers, which commonly come with reward cards. These can be used for Amazon Prime or other subscriptions. 

Check the perks that come with your bank account

Bank accounts, especially credit cards are popular for their perks and offers. TV subscriptions crop up quite often as you might bank with the provider but do not know about the offers. 

Club Lloyds offers a 12-month Disney Plus subscription, saving you around £79 a year.

Keep an eye out for our top packaged bank accounts which give the best offers and savings. 

Student discounts

Make the most of being a student. UNIDAYS and Student Beans offer hundreds of discounts and offers, some of which are for TV streaming. 

Here are the best student deals available on UNIDAYS and Student Beans right now:

  • Stream Sky over Wi-Fi for under £25 and receive a £50 voucher.

But be wary, student sites sometimes show general offers that are open to everyone. For example, UNIDAYS’ 15% off Disney Plus subscription is also available on the Disney Plus website, open to everyone.

Pay annually for streaming services to make a saving

Paying monthly can seem cheaper in the short term. But when you end up calculating your annual subscription cost, it becomes more expensive.

Here are some examples of popular streaming platforms and how much you could save if you paid annually:

Streaming service Monthly plan x12 Annual plan Saving
Disney Plus £95.88 £79.90 £16
Amazon Prime Video £107.88 £95 £13
Paramount Plus £83.88 £69.90 £14
MUBI £131.88 £83.88 £48

The classic pay yearly always gives a saving, but it’s a lump sum of money. Make sure that you can afford to pay at once. 

Go for a family plan

If multiple people in your household are using the same streaming service, you could save by opting for the family plan at a discounted rate. Some Music and TV streaming services offer family plans for up to four to six people.

  • Amazon Prime: If you’re an Amazon Prime Video member, you can share your account with one other adult using Amazon Household. You don’t need to have the same address to use this benefit. 
  • Apple TV Plus: You can share your Apple TV Plus subscription with five other family members. See Apple Family Sharing for more information. You don’t have to be in the same location to share this plan. 
  • NOW: You can share your streaming subscription with up to six devices. However, only one device can watch at one time, unless you pay extra with NOW Boost. 
  • Netflix: You can share your Netflix account with those living in the same house. However, you’ll be charged an extra £60 a year if you share your account with someone who isn’t living with you.

Basic/ad plans

The main reason why ad-supported streaming services are popular is because they are cheaper. However, this might not be for everyone, as many prefer streaming without interruptions. 

But if you’re trying to cut costs, subscribing to these alternatives can be your best option. 

Here are some options you can consider if you’re opting for basic/ad-supported plans: 

Streaming service and plan Cost
Netflix Standard with ads £4.99 per month
Disney Plus Standard with ads £4.99 per month
Discovery Plus Basic £3.99 per month

Free trials

One way to have the best of all TV and movie worlds is to switch between free trials. Just remember to cancel your free trial before it expires, or you may end up paying. 

Unfortunately, Netflix and Disney Plus don’t offer free trials anymore but there are a lot of streaming platforms that do (check our table above). 

Keep in mind that you’ll have to enter your debit or credit card details when you opt for a free trial. This subscription will auto-renew, so make sure you’ve saved the date if you want to cancel before getting charged. 

Slash costs on your broadband by switching to a cheaper deal

Now that you know how to get the best streaming service for the cheapest price, make sure you don’t end up overpaying for broadband. You’ll need good internet speed to watch your favourite TV shows and movies. 

Millions of people are currently out of contract and can switch penalty-free. Find out how to switch your broadband provider and cut costs. 

Try our energy-saving tips to make the most of your household appliances while paying the least for them.