How to watch the Premier League this Christmas for free (or cheaply): top tips for cheaper football streaming

Declan Rice celebrates his wonder goal in stoppage time against Luton Town (image: Getty Images)

Wondering how to watch the Premier League this Christmas for free? Discover top tips on how to stream your favourite football games for cheap.

Not only is Christmas 2023 very much with us, but we’re in the midst of a crunch period in the 2023/24 Premier League football season. By the start of 2024, each team will have faced six league games in the space of roughly 25 days. What if we told you that you can watch some of these Premier League games for free?

The upcoming festive football bonanza means you could easily find yourself spending a lot of money. This is because coverage is split across three TV and streaming services: Sky/NOW, TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) and Amazon Prime Video.

There are ways to watch a significant proportion of these Christmas fixtures without breaking the bank. Read on for full info. Also see our guide on how to get the cheapest TV streaming deals to see ways you can save on your regular subscriptions.

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Who’s showing what this Christmas?

Currently, the rights to show Premier League games are divided across Sky/NOW TV, TNT Sports and Amazon Prime Video. This Christmas, 20 games are available through Amazon, with Sky airing 15 fixtures and TNT showing three.

Below, we have listed when each of the remaining televised festive fixtures are taking place, who’s involved and how you can catch the action. Further down, you can see exactly how to make savings on your viewing.

Gameweek 18

Date Fixture Time Streamer
Thursday 21 December Crystal Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion 20:00 Sky Sports
Friday 22 December Aston Villa vs Sheffield Utd 20:00 Sky Sports
Saturday 23 December West Ham Utd vs Manchester Utd 12:30 TNT Sports
Saturday 23 December Liverpool vs Arsenal 17:30 Sky Sports
Sunday 24 December Wolves vs Chelsea 13:00 Sky Sports

Gameweek 19

Date Fixture Time Streamer
Tuesday 26 December Newcastle Utd vs Nottingham Forest 12:30 Amazon Prime Video
Tuesday 26 December AFC Bournemouth vs Fulham 15:00 Amazon Prime Video
Tuesday 26 December Sheffield Utd vs Luton Town 15:00 Amazon Prime Video
Tuesday 26 December Burnley vs Liverpool 17:30 Amazon Prime Video
Tuesday 26 December Manchester Utd vs Aston Villa 20:00 Amazon Prime Video
Wednesday 27 December Brentford vs Wolves 19:30 Amazon Prime Video
Wednesday 27 December Chelsea vs Crystal Palace 19:30 Amazon Prime Video
Wednesday 27 December Everton vs Manchester City 20:15 Amazon Prime Video
Thursday 28 December Brighton & Hove Albion vs Tottenham Hotspur 19:30 Amazon Prime Video
Thursday 28 December Arsenal vs West Ham Utd 20:15 Amazon Prime Video

Gameweek 20

Date Fixture Time Streamer
Saturday 30 December Luton Town vs Chelsea 12:30 TNT Sports
Saturday 30 December Nottingham Forest vs Manchester Utd 17:30 Sky Sports
Sunday 31 December Fulham vs Arsenal 14:00 Sky Sports
Monday 1 January 2024 Liverpool vs Newcastle Utd 20:00 Sky Sports
Tuesday 2 January 2024 West Ham Utd vs Brighton & Hove Albion 19:30 Sky Sports

How can I watch the Premier League on the cheap (or, even better, for free)?

Following a football team is an expensive pastime. Not only are tickets especially pricey, but TV sports packages come at a significant annual cost. This is particularly true at the moment where games are spread across three different streamers.

But there are ways to save this Christmas, particularly with Amazon Prime Video. Here’s how:

1. Get a free trial

Amazon Prime offers a one-month free trial for new customers. That means you can get one round of Premier League action for free this Christmas (Amazon previously broadcast a round of fixtures at the start of December). 

Just remember to cancel before the end of your 30-day free period or you’ll be charged the standard fee of £8.99 a month. If you’re at university, you can get six months’ of Prime for free by signing up for the Prime Student plan. See the best Amazon Prime Video deals if you’re looking to sign up. 

2. Get a NOW TV day membership

Sky Sports costs a whopping £34.99 a month. If your team’s only appearing once or twice on the TV and streaming service over the next month, you’d be better off to go for a NOW day membership.

You’ll get full access to all the Sky Sports channels for 24 hours, including whichever game you want to watch, for £11.98.

3. Pay for a month and then cancel

If you can’t get another Prime free trial because you’ve taken up the offer already, or you’re keen to catch as much of the action as possible, it may be worth getting a full month and then cancelling. Just be aware that the costs can be hefty.

  • Sky Sports comes in at £34.99 a month, while TNT Sports is £29.99 a month.
  • Amazon Prime comes in at £5.99 a month if you opt for the video-only option.
  • Through NOW TV, Sky offers deals on its sports streaming every so often. You might also be able to save if you’re already signed up to NOW’s Sports offering and say you’re going to cancel. Haggling with your TV provider can sometimes get you a discount.