The best Amazon Prime Video deals- get up to two years for free

Amazon Prime Video screen

Amazon Prime Video is one of the biggest streaming services on the planet. With the might – and budget – of Amazon behind it, it produces high-quality dramas, comedies, action series, films and more, plus it has a sizeable back catalogue of syndicated content, too.

Of course, all this costs money. But there are plenty of ways to save on your subscription. Read on for our pick of the best Amazon Prime Video deals.

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Amazon Prime Video best deals

Prime Video is available two ways – as part of Prime membership or as a standalone subscription.

Prime membership includes lots of other benefits, like free delivery on thousands of items bought from Amazon, the ad-free Amazon Music streaming service, Prime Gaming, e-books courtesy of Prime Reading, and more. If you’re happy getting most of your streaming from one place and buying regularly from Amazon, it’s the most cost-effective choice.

If you just want Prime Video, it costs £5.99 a month. That’s £1 a month more than the cheapest Netflix plan (though this has adverts), but cheaper than Disney Plus.

Ready to make some savings? Let’s find out how.

30 days’ free with one-month trial

A lot of services have stopped offering free trials, but Amazon Prime isn’t one of them. Sign up, and you can enjoy the streaming service for a month without paying a penny as part of your free trial of Amazon Prime – that means you also get free delivery on lots of items from Amazon.

However, once the 30-day period has elapsed, you’ll automatically be charged the usual £8.99 monthly fee. So if you don’t want to pay, make sure you cancel your membership before the trial ends.

Sign up to the free Amazon Prime trial here

Six months’ free Amazon Prime for students

This one’s only for students, but what a deal it is. Sign up to Prime Student, and you’ll get Amazon Prime completely free for six months. That means free access to Prime Video, as well as free delivery on thousands of items ordered from Amazon.

When the six months is up, you’ll default to the Prime Student membership, which, at £4.49 a month, is still only half the price of full Amazon Prime. But this only lasts as long as you’re at a place of higher education. And you’ll need to prove you’re a student in order to qualify. Once you graduate, you’ll have to pay £8.99 a month.

Save 11% with an annual subscription

This one’s simple, but effective. Like most streaming services, Prime membership is charged monthly, giving you the flexibility to cancel whenever you want without being locked in. But you can choose to pay yearly instead and doing so will save you some cash.

The monthly £8.99 fee works out at £107.88 over the year. But if you choose to pay annually, you’re only charged £95 – a saving of £12.88.

Save 30% with just Prime Video

If you just want to watch Prime Video and not have access to the other benefits of Amazon Prime, you can choose to just subscribe to the streaming service and save some money. It costs £5.99 a month – a £3 saving on monthly Prime membership, or over £20 cheaper over the year (even more if you pay for Prime monthly instead of annually).

Six months’ free Amazon Prime with O2

O2 is giving away six months of free Amazon Prime with select SIM cards and devices. You can opt for Audible or Amazon Music Unlimited instead, if you prefer, but for free delivery and unlimited video streaming, Prime is the way forward. See O2’s website for more details.

Two years’ free Prime with Vodafone

Not to be outdone, Vodafone is offering a staggering two years of free Amazon Prime with its Entertainment plans. Again, you have a choice. You can opt for Spotify Premium or YouTube Premium, or you can use Charge to Bill to add Netflix or Discovery+ to your plan. See Vodafone’s website for more info.