12 things you can do with the £350 energy companies owe you

loyalty tax

At Look After My Bills we’re a little bit different to a lot of places, rather than take your money away from you we want to get it back into your hands… Weird right?

But our customers seem to appreciate it. And considering the public is overcharged by £4billion a year on utilities, everyone could stand to take some of it back from the big companies. On average, our customers can save £350 a year by signing up to Look After My Bills.

Who would want to turn down an extra £350? It certainly isn’t pocket change, and we’d prefer you to have that money than the CEO at some massive energy company (they’d probably just spend it on a bad suit).

We reckon there’s quite a lot you can do with that cash…

1. Send 521 junk mail letters to British Gas HQ (first class, of course)

Post box junk mail

Time to get your own back…

2. A return flight to Alicante where the heating certainly doesn’t need to be on

You deserve to lie by the pool. Tell us when you’re going and we’ll come with you.

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3. 14,000 teabags considering you don’t need to stress about how often you’re putting the kettle on now

That’s enough tea to feed one Yorkshireman for… er, one day.

4. 546 tins of Whiskas to send to the fat cat energy companies

Or just feed your cat for a year or two!

5. 82 pints to celebrate the end of your energy nightmare, though best to spread them out we think.

82 pint beer

6. Rent a couple of bouncy castles for the day, much like energy companies they should never be filled with hot air

Make sure you invite us round.

7. Enough pancake batter to make 2100 of them, a flipping fantastic food for one of our switchers! Share with friends, or don’t.

But… do share with us.

8. 39 foam inflatable middle fingers, all the better for switching off the big energy companies with.

39 of us could go to the office of your old energy company and wave those fingers in the air…

9. 100 fancy coffees in case the buzz of saving wasn’t quite enough.

Don’t drink them all in one day though, that’d be bad.

10. Three chameleons like our very own, but sadly they can’t chat to you in an Australian accent so be warned.

(No chameleons were harmed in the making of Look After My Bills).

11. Three years’ worth of Netflix – if you’ve saved all that money on heating your home you might as well stay in and enjoy it!

Stranger Things 6 will probably be out by that point.

12. A bus stop poster to boast about your great deal, only if you want to though.

Wow… that’s how cheap bus stop posters are?

If you’re interested in getting £350 (or possibly more!) back in your pocket, then click here to see how much you can save.