Energy bills rising in October

Our research has found that 95 fixed energy contracts ended in September 2019. If you were  on one of these energy deals, it’s time to switch to another deal! Otherwise you may face a price rise in October.

Suppliers roll you on to their default tariff when your fixed energy contract ends. This means that thousands of people will roll on to their supplier’s most expensive tariff. However switching to another deal will save you from a price hike.

This month there is an average jump in price of £100.

The worst culprit is OVO Energy with energy bills rising by an average of £292 a year!

We expose the worst bill jumps every month. In April, BBC Breakfast discussed our findings and asked our co-founder, Henry, to speak about the loyalty tax.

BBC News Price Rises

Who is affected?

In total a massive 21 suppliers had tariffs ending this September, including 4 of the Big Six Suppliers – British Gas, EDF Energy, npower and Scottish Power. Of the Big Six, Npower is the worst offender with their largest bill increase at £217. 

We have estimated thousands of people will be on these tariffs.

The top 10 biggest price jumps

SupplierTariffCost (£)Default (£)Increase (£)Increase (%)
OVO Energy2 Year Fixed Energy (all online) 01 September 2017 – Paperless£882£1174£29233.10%
OVO Energy2 Year Fixed Energy (all online) 01 September 2017£902£1174£27230.15%
Green Network EnergyGNE Family 18 Month Fixed V14 – Paperless£892£1158£26629.78%
OVO Energy2 Year Fixed Energy 01 September 2017 – Paper and Paperless£942£1174£23224.62%
npowerBroker Exclusive Fix September 2019 – Paperless£961£1178£21722.54%
Co-operative EnergyCo-op Exclusive Fixed Sept 19 – Paper and Paperless£977£1173£19620.01%
OVO Energy2 Year Fixed Energy (all online) 16 September 2017 – Paperless£981£1174£19319.61%
EDF EnergyEasy Online Renewal Sep19 – Paperless£1000£1177£17717.68%
Utility WarehouseDouble Gold Fixed 17 – Paper and Paperless£998£1171£17317.30%
OVO Energy2 Year Fixed Energy (all online) 16 September 2017£1001£1174£17317.23%

Click here to see our full list of deals expiring in September

The benefits of auto-switching

It makes little sense to us that a small group of people get a good deal while most people pay extortionate rates for their energy.

Unfortunately, we know that the vast majority are not confident switchers and end up paying over the odds on their bills as a result.

And even if you switch once, you can’t be expected to keep on top of it every 12 months for energy, broadband, TV, insurance, etc!

With auto-switching, what we try our best to overcome all the main bugbears people have with saving on their energy bills.

We reward loyalty with our service. We switch you every year to a great energy deal so you never have to worry about being rolled onto expensive tariffs.

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Price Cap

In October 2019, Ofgem dropped the maximum limit at which an energy company can set their standard tariff.

This is known as the energy price cap, a government scheme to try and safeguard people overpaying on their energy bills.

The maximum price for a typical dual fuel customer on a standard variable tariff has fallen from £1,254 a year to £1,179. 

Unfortunately, many suppliers do not see this as an absolute limit but rather a target to aim for.

This means most households will still find themselves overpaying for their energy.

Switching supplier remains as the best way to keep energy bills low.