15 things that are better value than your energy bills

Do you ever feel like life is rigged in favour of certain people? It’s always the same folks being handed free coffees at the cafe or getting served the second they walk up to the bar, and sometimes it feels like that person is never you. That’s why you need to find value everywhere you can, and sorting out your energy bills is the best place to start – once you’ve saved an average of £350 with Look After My Bills, those £3 coffees will feel free anyway.

You might have recently heard the news that energy companies are overcharging us to the tune of £4bn per year. Unfair? Absolutely. Outrageous? You know it. But we wanted to put into context just how poor a deal you’re getting from your energy company, and give you all the more reason to let Look After My Bills auto-switch you to a cheaper electricity deal without you having to do the heavy lifting yourself.

So here are a few things we think are better value than being charged bumper prices for the same gas and electricity you were getting when you signed up on that cheap deal. If you’re thinking ‘these don’t sound too appealing’, it should help you realise just how much you’re being fleeced by the energy companies.

1. Spending £100 on lottery tickets over a year and winning £12.50

Someone’s got to win it…

2. Accidentally buying individual meal deal items outside of the meal deal.

£5.78 is never ok for a sandwich, crisps and orange juice.

3. Getting the unlimited data plan when you only use 0.5GB to Google ‘Labradors that smile.’

They were good dogs, though.

4. Paying the £3.50 delivery for just a McFlurry because you’re too lazy to walk

Are you expected to have time to put clothes on and fish around for keys? Who knows if you’ll even still be hungry after that?

5. Paying for the VIP seats in the cinema and finding you’re the only one watching the film

Maybe the cinema is empty because everyone’s seen Fast & Furious 12: 12 Times faster than before?

6. Spending £36 on Starbucks coffee just to get that free espresso after 3 months

Once you’re three coffees in, they’ve got you.

7. Getting off the season ticket waiting list just after your team gets relegated.

They’re not going to drop the price just because ‘the team’s rubbish now’ or ‘all the best players have been sold’

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8. A new smartphone model being announced the week after you get the old model on a 36-month deal, especially when you could have paid the same for the new one if you’d just waited

It’s as if they’ve been waiting for you to do it.

9. Paying top dollar for new sunglasses at the airport and having them break just as your flight to Hawaii lands

You just know the replacement ones won’t look as good on Instagram

Broken sunglass frames

10. Netflix taking your favourite show off its library when you have one episode left to watch. What are you supposed to do? Pay again for the box-set?

I wonder if Ross and Rachel get back together? Guess I’ll never know.

11. Paying £60 for a festival only to see people giving away tickets for free.

Can you really enjoy Robbie Williams’ set as much when you know you’re surrounded by people who aren’t ‘real’ fans?

12. Waiting 45 minutes in the queue for a burrito only to find out they’ve run out of rice, beans and tortillas… but you can still get a salad for the same price

You’ll still buy the salad, but you absolutely refuse to enjoy it.

13. Paying £200m for Antoine Griezmann because you began negotiations with Atletico Madrid before his release clause was lowered

Won’t be making that mistake again

14. Beats headphones

…. next

15. Buying a sofa in the one day a year that there isn’t a DFS mega sale on

You could have gone any other day, but noooo

Sofa one day sale

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