It’s 100 days to Christmas – and here are 100 things you need to do


Doesn’t time fly! It feels like just yesterday you were ringing in the new year, and now you can see the festive season on the horizon.

It’s really crept up on you, hasn’t it? Well, we’re here to make things easier by putting together a handy to-do list.

You’ve got 100 days to go, so it only seems fair for us to give you 100 things to check off. Pay close attention.

1. Buy the first round of presents

2. Restock the drinks cupboard for when the family comes round

3. Clear space on the shelf for that massive double-issue of Radio Times

4. Wonder out loud whether you should get a goose instead of a turkey this year

5. Go to the shops and look at the fancy wrapping paper. Don’t buy it, but look at it

6. Head to to see how much you could save on your energy bills

7. Check the cinema listings for this year’s December releases

8. Set up your ‘countdown to Christmas’ calendar and tick off the first day

9. Sample all the different advent calendars you can find, as ‘research’

10. Spend several hours arguing over whether ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas film

11. Learn exactly one Christmas carol

12. Find out what myrrh is

13. Look up a recipe for eggnog

14. Make eggnog

15. Take a sip and promise to never make eggnog ever again

16. Buy some more rum for the drinks cupboard

17. Remind people that Santa only wears red because of Coca-Cola

18. Watch the Coca-Cola Christmas advert

19. Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert

20. Watch all the parodies of the John Lewis Christmas advert

21. Go shopping for big coats

22. Fill in your details at

23. Look up cheap flights for January – you’re bound to need a break by then

24. Stock up on Christmas cards for friends and family

25. Buy two advent calendars: one for December, one for now

26. Listen to Last Christmas to ‘get in the festive spirit’

27. Listen to Fairytale of New York

28. Listen to Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine. What? It was Christmas number one that one time

29. Spend several hours arguing over whether ‘Iron Man 3’ is a Christmas film

30. Watch A Muppet Christmas Carol on TV and complain about them cutting out that one song from the edited version

31. Find out what Frankincense is

32. Look into the price of a turducken

33. Rule out buying a prohibitively expensive turducken

34. Watch the Christmas episode of The Simpsons, you know the one we mean

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35. Go for a walk in the park

36. Try to remember what actual snow looks like

37. Clean all the fancy cutlery and crockery

38. Re-clean it because a basic once-through in the dishwasher wasn’t nearly enough

39. Contemplate buying fancy Christmas crackers

40. Realise it’s a false economy and buy the regular ones instead

41. Head to and let us auto-switch you to the energy deal you deserve

42. Book an extra day off work just to sit in front of the TV and eat leftovers

43. Buy a loaf of fancy bread from the bakers to test its ‘durability’ for Boxing Day sandwiches

44. Look up why it’s called ‘Boxing Day’

45. Spend several hours reading wikipedia articles about boxing (the sport) and boxers (the dogs)

46. Book tickets to a pantomime

47. Look up who’s turning on the Christmas lights in your hometown

48. Look up who’s turning on the Christmas lights in a neighbouring town and get jealous

49. Watch ‘The Grinch’

50. Stop to consider how weird a creature the Grinch actually is

51. Buy some wrapping paper

52. Go back to buy more wrapping paper because you horribly misjudged the amount you’d need

53. Let us auto-switch you to a better energy deal by signing up at

54. Try on that santa suit you last wore 6 years ago

55. Take your santa suit to the dry-cleaners

56. Take your regular suit to the dry-cleaners. How have you managed to get the santa suit cleaned more recently?

57. Get a headstart on your New Year’s resolutions for 2020

58. Check how you’ve got on with your New Year’s resolutions for 2019

59. Panic and try to start learning a new language so you can at least tick off *one* thing from the 2019 list

60. Spend several hours in a Wikipedia rabbit hole after looking up the origins of New Year’s resolutions

61. Find out how much Look After My Bills can save you by switching you to a better energy deal

62. Feign interest in your child’s school nativity play

63. Ask why a nativity play ‘needs’ aliens in it

64. Watch ‘Love Actually’ and get sad about Alan Rickman

65. Watch ‘Die Hard’ and get sad about Alan Rickman

66. Try to form an argument that every Alan Rickman film is a Christmas film, even the Harry Potter ones

67. Wonder how long it takes people to switch off while reading lists of 100 things

68. Check those flights again in case they’ve gone down in price

69. Go to and never worry about your energy bills ever again

70. Wonder aloud how much you might be able to save by switching to a cheaper energy deal, and head over to

71. Pour yourself a glass of milk and take a sip

72. Oh no, it’s eggnog again

73. Buy the rest of the presents, plus a couple of gift cards as backups

74. Buy some more rum. A fancier one, this time

75. Make plans to go to an American friend’s Thanksgiving dinner as ‘turkey practice’

76. Suddenly realise why we only eat turkey one day per year

77. Consider just buying a Christmas ham this year

78. Watch ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ again

79. Attempt to recast some other Christmas films with muppets. Kermit’s nephew Robin as Kevin in Home Alone? Sure, why not?

80. Try to figure out if the new Fozzie Bear-led It’s a Wonderful Life should still be in black and white

81. Buy the big Radio Times and circle all the shows you want to watch

82. Record several hours of TV you’ll never watch because of all of the clashes

83. Book a trip to the local ice rink

84. Cut your hand when you fall on the ice and someone skates over the fleshy part, and spend half an hour ‘medically’ treating it with a Blue Slush puppy from the concessions stand

85. Go to the supermarket in an effort to find blue raspberries. Look, if it’s a flavour then it should be an ingredient too

86. Buy a snow-shovel ‘just in case’

87. Throw out stuff you actually use to make space for said snow shovel

88. Use a rare break from chores to enter your details at

89. Collect your santa suit from the dry-cleaners

90. Collect your other suit, which you didn’t realise wouldn’t be ready on the same day

91. Treat yourself and your partner to a meal out, and pretend you’re not about to spend all the money you have and more over the Christmas holidays

92. Buy some milk and cookies to leave out for Santa

93. Finally get around to telling your friends and family what you want for Christmas

94. Try to write some of your own cracker jokes this year

95. Laugh at how hilarious you are

96. Finally book yourself in for that cookery class you got for a present last Christmas

97. Buy a Christmas tree and some ‘comedy’ decorations

98. Throw out the comedy decorations and buy some normal ones after a series of complaints

99. Check this article for any subliminal messages

100. Did we mention you should sign up at and save money on your energy bills?