7 incredibly easy ways to earn some extra cash

You could probably use a bit more cash, right? That’s probably why you’ve clicked through to this article.

Maybe budgets are being stretched and any extra would help, or perhaps you’re fairly comfortable but fancy a bit more change in your pocket to buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

Unless you win the lottery – which, let’s face it, is unlikely – no one’s going to solve all your problems in one fell swoop. However, there are a few ways you can get yourself a bit of extra moolah for minimal effort.

1. Sell lemonade in your front garden

The ingredients cost next to nothing, and at £1 a cup you make a huge profit with every customer. Sure there’s the small matter of you not being a six-year-old school kid, meaning instead of people saying “aww, isn’t that sweet” they’re more likely to go with “what’s the catch?” or “you’re 45 years old, what are you doing selling lemonade in your garden?” or perhaps “it’s a Wednesday morning, why aren’t you at work?”.

2. Join a cashback site

join a cashback site

You’ve gone into this with the best of intentions. You’ll still only make the purchases you were going to make anyway, so it’s basically free money. Except it isn’t. Eventually you find yourself buying stuff you absolutely would not have bought in any other circumstances, but it’s OK because you’re totally going to use that fancy juicer every day now, and the cashback means it’s basically free (spoiler: you use it once, and it’s still £50 after cashback).

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3. Sign up for psychology experiments

You can’t knock this one, right? Show up to a venue, answer some questions, let strangers scan your brain, collect your paycheck and boom! More money to spend on what you need, or even just what you want. Sounds easy, except you might have to stomach a few hard truths about your entire personality to go with that extra cash…

4. Fill out surveys online

fill out a survey online

This won’t take too long, you thought when you clicked on the link that said “free £30”. Just answer a few simple questions about brands and then at the end of it all you’ve got some cash to spend. Except it’s never just a few minutes, and before you know it you’ve spent hours answering questions you absolutely do not care about and your boss is asking why that report they asked for isn’t on their desk…

5. Go on a TV quiz show

You watch these programmes every day and always nail the answers from the comfort of your own sofa. There was even that one time when you would have won the Pointless jackpot. Going on TV is surely a foolproof way not only to earn yourself a quick few thousand pounds, but make you into a star, too. Except in reality you obviously crumble under the bright lights of a television studio – and that’s before you’ve even got out of the audition process…

6. Sell your old CDs

There’s surely no catch here, right? You haven’t taken them out of their boxes in ages – everything’s online now, anyway – and it’ll help you clear some space as well as earning you a bit of extra money. What’s that? The very best of Bob the Builder (2-disc special edition) didn’t solve all your financial troubles? You couldn’t bring yourself to part ways with the single version of that rejected Eurovision entry? I guess you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

7. Sign up to Look After My Bills on your lunch break

Does all of the above sound off-putting? Don’t worry, if you sign up with Look After My Bills you won’t have to deal with any of those catches. Grab a recent energy bill, set aside a lunch break or lazy Sunday morning to enter your details, and get ready for us to switch you to a better energy deal whenever you can save £50 or more. The best part? You only have to sign up once, but we’ll keep auto-switching you for life. People who sign up with us save an average of £350 on their energy bill every year – head over to our website to see how much you could put back in your pocket.