7 things we could do with the £4bn energy companies owe us

Did you know that in the UK, we overpay on our energy bills by £4bn a year.

FOUR billion pounds! That’s a lot of money.

It happens because, after an energy company gets you in with a cheap deal for a year, they then switch you to one of their more expensive tariffs – how cheeky is that?

We want people to get that money back, each of us could get about £350 back in our pockets by switching our energy providers.

And if everyone in the UK signed up to Look After My Bills, here’s what the public could do with that £4bn…

1. Buy the squads of every football team in the Premier League top 4

Manchester City have changed the game for English football, breaking transfer records and winning titles, but their squad only costs a fraction of the £4bn being taken by the big energy companies.

If you add up the value of City’s squad, and the squads of Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea, you’d still have enough change left over from £4bn to break the world transfer record again.

We could have a publicly funded football team what was the best in the world, and we’d go around beating all the teams sponsored by energy companies!

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2. Buy three hundred Bugatti La Voiture Noires

The world’s most expensive supercar retailing at a cool £12m, the energy companies could afford three hundred and thirty-three. What a way to upgrade your Uber.

3. Buy every single person in the UK six pizzas from Dominos

We’re assuming large pizzas at around £10, which is what we normally end up getting. Margaritas are the best, seriously, forget the toppings.

4. Buy the entire Beatles back catalogue four times

Vinyl reissues might be expensive but the ultimate box set for any Beatles fan would be owning their publishing: a canny investment which would mean getting paid every time Paul McCartney does his chummy thumbs-aloft routine. Quids in!

5. Book a plumber to work solidly for 9,000 years

Might make their thumbs sore but your plumbs would be totally fixed.

6. Buy everyone in the world ten sausages each

That’s if you shop at Iceland and buy their Plumtree Farms Value Sausages. And you should, it’s forty for two pounds. What a bargain.

7. Buy the world a coke

This is entirely doable with this cash. Assuming you buy litre coke bottles for £1 and ask people to share them between two (in perfect harmony).

However, the best thing we could do with four billion quid is to give it back to you, and the closest way to do that is to sign up with Look After My Bills and stop the rip of energy companies now.