7 things you, yes you, are definitely putting off right now

sleeping lady

“I’ll do it tomorrow” – the four easiest words to say in the English language, but also the four which always come back to bite you on the bottom. Every task Present You doesn’t get done is one added to Future You’s to-do list. Sigh.

Don’t worry, we get it. Procrastinating is awesome. We’d all rather spend our evenings binge-watching Netflix and scrolling social media than filling out boring forms and cleaning the flat. Maybe one day there’ll be robots to do all this stuff for us (robots which will eventually rise up and kill us all…), but until then it’s sadly back to the grind, my friend.

We bet we can guess exactly what you’re putting off doing right now – and the one at the end is especially important.

1. Texting your ‘friend’ back about those drinks they suggested

I mean we say friend, but you hadn’t thought about them in about a year until you bumped into them in the street yesterday. You tried to keep your head down but they called your name anyway. There was no escape. Now you’re trying to figure out how to avoid giving up one of your precious evenings to spend awkwardly chatting to them about their incredibly boring new job.

2. Getting back into the gym

That membership you forked out for on 1 January was definitely well intentioned, but you’ve been exactly three times since then and spent… well let’s not even go there.

3. Cleaning the hair out of the shower plug

If you can name a grosser household chore we’d love to hear it. Actually, scratch that, we really wouldn’t. Anything more disgusting than pulling months’-worth of other people’s hair out of the drain in big, spidery clumps is best left unspoken.

4. Getting enough damn sleep

Yeah, we see you there, lying horizontal, head on your pillow, scrolling mindlessly through Instagram. You’ve watched your entire friends list’s stories now, even those mates from secondary school you’ve not spoken to in a decade, and you promised you’d only go for five more minutes, but that was almost an hour ago. Just like that it’s 1am – and you wonder why you need three coffees before you can get any work done in the mornings…

5. Learning that second language you’ve been promising

Nothing makes you feel more inadequate than landing in sunny Spain and realising the only thing you can say in their native language is “dos cervezas por favor”, and how did you know more French as a 12-year-old child than you do as a fully-grown adult?! Might be time to download that app and get guilt-tripped by a green cartoon owl…

6. Making packed lunches to take to work

Well would you look at that, it’s 12.45pm and you’re in the queue at Pret again, about to spend a fiver on the same sandwich you’ve had every day this week and a half-empty bag of popcorn.

7. Switching your energy provider to a cheaper deal

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